At HQ, you can find fun, free and engaging nutrition resources, including a range of lesson plans linked to the Australian National Curriculum and a range of complimentary resources.

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  • Recipe Booklets
    Simple recipes, each with step by step photos and text to create delicious healthy snacks and meals.
  • Newsletter Inserts
    Healthy food and drink information to add to your newsletter.
  • Posters
    A range of posters and info-graphics which promote healthy eating. Posters can be down loaded for free.
  • Breakfast Placemats
    Set of 4 double sided educational placemats each with healthy eating messages and a fun activity.
  • Collectable Game Cards
    Fun playing cards incorporating Superhero Foods and their Everyday Food alias. Deck contains 74 cards to play lots of fun games including memory, snap and more to assist with making nutrition education fun!
  • Nutrition Education and Cooking Lesson Plans
    A range of curriculum-linked lesson plans are available to download, which cater for Foundation to Year 10 students
  • Books
    Beautifully illustrated books, developed to educate young people about healthy eating, written by Accredited Public Health Nutritionists. Come on a fun food adventure with us!
  • Clipart
    A range of clipart images available to download
  • Other Resources
    A range of fun and practical nutrition education resources including Collector Cards,  Portion Plate, Colouring-in sheets and Badge templates