New Products

  • Clip Art
    Check out our new Everyday Foods and Superhero Foods characters.  These characters have been developed to cater for regional and remote areas and contain some bush foods.  All the characters are linked to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Guide to Healthy Eating.
  • Nutrition Lesson Plans
    New nutrition lesson plans in PowerPoint format can be tailored to suit your student's ability. Lessons and accompanying materials, including activity sheets and assessments, are contained in a zip folder.

    We have 4 x new lessons including:  Seasons, Hunting for healthy food, Food origins - Grains, Food origins - Preserved foods

  • Noongar Seasons
    The six seasons of the Nyoongar Calendar have been portrayed by the Superhero Food character the Garden Guardian. Discover  the bush foods which grown in each season. Included is a blank template to create the seasons in your geographical location. This resource is also included in the Seasons lesson.