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Thank you for teaching me how to cook and letting me have a taste of all the food.  I hope I grow big and strong being healthy. Thank you all for teaching us about super foods and zombie foods, my favorite was Noodle Ninja Mince.

Students at Kojonup District High School
With the support of Foodbank, we have recently incorporated the newer Superhero Food resources into our Food Sensations sessions.  We were extremely impressed by the quality of the resources provided, including their suitability for engaging school aged children, who responded extremely well to the concept of “Superhero vs Zombie” Foods.  In particular, the corresponding activities and aptly named recipes such as “noodle ninja mince’ were successful in engaging student’s interest in cooking and nutrition.

360 Health & Community, Geraldton
I think they [collector cards] are a great idea to use as a reward in the classroom. I have seen teachers give out chocolates and small packets or chips as rewards for simple tasks such as doing the dishes in home etc. So it’s great to have a healthier alternative that complements healthy eating policies and messages.

WA Country Health Service, Wheatbelt
I wanted to give you some positive feed back about the breakfast placemats, we opened them up today and the children  immediately starting munching and learning and running their fingers over the maze and chatting away  so some really positive feedback from our school to Foodbank. So thank you very much.

MT Lockyer Primary School, Albany
These placemats are great – both visually appealing and informative. They really emphasise the healthy eating message at levels suitable for all ages. (The little kids like to pick their favourite fruit character and name the colours / fruits, where as the older kids liked the reference to the ‘pear’ character as opposed to the ‘apple’). These placemats are great for our school breakfast program as we have Kindy – Year 12, and they have been received well by all ages. Many thanks for sending these through and we will get good use from them.

Yandeyarra Remote Community School