Through a number of hands on activities students will learn about traditional Aboriginal seasons and how the seasons affect what types of foods grow and are available.

At the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to identify:

  • There are different seasons across WA
  • Aboriginal seasons are different to the traditional 4 seasons
  • Aboriginal seasonal calendars consider weather, plants, animals and people/culture
  • Food grows during different seasons
  • Growing food helps us to eat lots of Superhero Foods
  • Eat Superhero Foods for a healthy body and strong mind

The lesson describes the Nyoongar seasons as an example.  A template is included in the lesson which can be adapted to be used anywhere within Australia.

This lesson has been developed with Aboriginal Students as the primary target group however, the lesson may provide learning opportunities about Aboriginal history and cultures for all students. The lesson is in PowerPoint format and includes a number of fun, hands on activities to enhance student learning.

Includes a number of fun activity sheets and assessment activities.

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