Cooking Lesson


This lesson is a practical way for students to learn food preparation skills. The hands-on cooking session provides a range of skills such as safe food handling, hygiene and cooking skills such as chopping, grating, sautéing, flipping and whisking.

At the conclusion of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Create a homemade meal using simple, healthy ingredients.


This lesson plan will download as a Zip folder and contains the following resources:

  • Cooking Lesson Plan
  • Evaluation – Food Safety Form
  • Food Safety Brochure
  • First Aid in Pictures – Germ Characters
  • Keeping Food Safe – At Home Brochure
  • Keeping Food Safe – When Shopping Brochure
  • Keep Your Food Safe from Germs Poster
  • Refresh.ED Teacher Information Sheet
  • Role Play Unsafe Food Practices Activity