Zombie Foods Clipart


Download our Superhero Foods clipart images, these images represent “Sometimes Foods” and the short and long term impacts of eating them too often. Clipart can be used to teach children about nutrition and healthy eating in range of ways, such as in lesson plans, games, classroom incentives and more!


Zombie Foods and Body Monsters are a secondary component of our nutrition education resources, Superhero Foods and the positive impacts of these foods are the main focus, while Zombie Foods and Body Monsters act as the “Villains” in the story, however aren’t always appropriate to bring up depending on the age of audience. Our messages align with the Australian Dietary Guidelines and eating “Sometimes Foods” in “Small amounts”, as opposed to never.

This folder contains 14 images:

  • Zombie Chocolate Bar
  • Zombie Donut
  • Zombie Chips
  • Zombie Energy Drink
  • Zombie Fizzy Drink
  • Body Monster – Illness
  • Body Monster- Decay
  • Body Monster- Obesity
  • Body Monsters- Group Image


Everyday Foods are Superhero Foods in disguise! When we eat Everyday Foods they turn into Superhero Foods and have amazing benefits for our bodies, find more information in your download.

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