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Terms & Conditions – old

The information on this website is intended to be of general nature only and is not intended to constitute advice. Advice from an appropriate professionally qualified dietician or health professional should be sought for specific dietary requirements.


The Superhero Foods characters are owned by Foodbank WA and are registered trade marks and artistic works protected by copyright.  The characters may not be used unless expressly authorised by Foodbank WA. The copyright contained in this book is owned by Foodbank WA, including copyright in the text and images.  You may not adapt, reproduce, print, display, perform, publish or create derivative works from any part of this publication without the authorisation of Foodbank WA.


Foodbank WA grants any teacher, teachers’ aide, tutor or lecturer currently employed by, or volunteering at, an Australian educational institution (Educational Users) or health professional a royalty-free, non-exclusive licence to reproduce the text and images for educational, non-commercial purposes in Australia only.  Educational Users must attribute all educational use as follows: “Information/Image is provided courtesy of Foodbank WA”

Information about our privacy policy may be found here https://computer20/jeremy/superhero/faq/is-my-privacy-and-personal-information-secure-on-your-site/