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Foodbank WA's Healthy Food for AllĀ® is a comprehensive state wide, school and community based strategy which consists of the School Breakfast Program and Food SensationsĀ® nutrition education initiative. Schools and communities across WA are further supported through our Regional Strategy.
What does Foodbank WA do?

Foodbank WA helps to feed thousands of families, children and people every week by collecting food and groceries from shops, farmers and business that make food products. They collect everyday products you would find in your cupboard and fridge at home and help to give these out through a network of over 900 charities, churches, schools and community groups around WA.

Foodbank WA also has healthy eating programs that teach kids and adults about healthy food and cooking.

Foodbank WA also runs the biggest School Breakfast Program in Australia feeding more than 18,000 students every week. They want to make sure that no children in WA have to start their school day hungry so they help lots of schools by giving them healthy breakfast foods for their Breakfast Clubs.

How does Foodbank WA help the environment?

Foodbank WA rescues food that is still safe to eat that would otherwise be dumped into landfill. Sometimes food gets wasted because the packaging may be damaged, the food might be close to its best before date, the labels have been printed wrong or the shop has more food than it can sell. By saving this food from waste, Foodbank WA helps the environment and saves millions of kilos from going into landfill every year.

You can be a Superhero and fight hunger in your community too!

Everyone can help fight hunger in WA. You can collect food from people in your school, family, clubs, church or neighbourhood by organising a Food Drive. The food you collect can be given to Foodbank WA to provide meals to people and families in need.

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